Who We Are

We at Qosmo believe we are about to revolutionise the way education is carried out in Malaysia by implementing the authentic principles of teaching and learning in every classroom. Today, education has taken a turn for the worse due to a lack of understanding of the fundamentals by the educators themselves. Education is not only about teaching, but also learning as you go.

Therefore, our teaching methodology is based on result-geared learning which is student-oriented, rather than teacher-oriented. Following our principles of teaching and learning at the same time, Qosmo International School will assess each student individually without separating them on a standardised basis on their performance. Qosmo also believes in using the latest learning technology to assist in practical teaching and learning enhancement. All our classes are developed for this century, which takes into account the modernised era that we are living in and the use of technology in the workforce that students will be entering in the future.

How Are We Different?

Qosmo believes in having individual guidance, so each student will have a homeroom teacher as well as a mentor. The mentor will be in charge of assisting the student assigned to them throughout the term, ensuring they are doing well in academics and helping them with personal issues, if any. All our teachers firmly follow our principles of teaching in the classroom and understand that learning is a life-long experience that does not end with the completion of a semester. Most of them come from across the globe and are well-equipped with experience and passion for teaching children.

Aside from that, individual responsibility, ethics, and understanding of good citizenship are values we embrace and strive to implement throughout the school. We are one step ahead in thinking about the future in the present, and aim to have a modern school system on the brink of stepping into the future at any given time.

All in all, your child will be well-cared for in the Qosmo environment as they will be the focus of the Qosmo experience.