As I now register my child as a student at Qosmo International School it is hereby agreed that: –

  1. I will at all times abide to and comply with all rules, policies and regulations as stipulated in the Qosmo International School Student Handbook. 
  2. All documents that I have submitted to the School shall remain the property of Qosmo International School. 
  3. All Fees paid to Qosmo International School are strictly NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE under any circumstances. The sole exception to this rule is, if the student is not a Malaysian citizen and is unable to obtain the necessary Visa to study in Malaysia under the Laws of Malaysia and the regulations set by the Malaysian Ministry of Education or Immigration authorities, whereby the student may apply for a refund and state their case to the management for their consideration. 
  4. The Deposit is REFUNDABLE but strictly NON-TRANSFERABLE under any circumstances and subject to the terms and conditions herein. 
  5. In the event that I fail to settle the School Fees in accordance to the respective due date, I shall be liable to pay late payment charges that shall be levied accordingly by Qosmo International School. For the avoidance of doubt, the School has the right to bar a student from attending classes in the event of failure to pay all/any fees after the School term begins, and ultimately if enough time of the school year has lapsed without payment the School shall have the right to expel a student from being a registered student. 
  6. After my child has been registered, the School Fees shall be due and payable for each academic term(s) while my child is still registered at Qosmo International School, as per the amounts published in the official Fee Schedule. 
  7. In the event I withdraw my child from Qosmo International School after the commencement of classes for any academic term / semester, the School shall only refund the Deposit collected at the time of registration in strict compliance with the terms and conditions specified in the “Withdrawal Notice and Procedure” section below and PROVIDED ALWAYS that all fees due and payable have been fully paid, and proof of the same is duly adduced to the satisfaction of the School. 
  8. I also agree that Qosmo International School reserves the right to alter, amend, change or modify the terms and conditions herein including without limitation to the current published fees; and all fees payable shall be the published fees at the time of payment. 
  9. The Deposit paid upon registration shall not be treated as fee payment nor be used to offset any fees payable throughout the tenure of my child’s study in the School. However, in the event I have not paid any fees, or given proper notice of withdrawal to Qosmo International School, the School has every right to use the Deposits to offset all/any outstanding amount due to the School. 
  10. The Deposit paid upon registration shall be refundable after my child decides to leave the School via completion of the entire course of study at the School, or upon withdrawal, strictly at all times subject to the following:-
  • There are no outstanding fees that are due and/or payable to Qosmo International School. 
  • Qosmo International School has the sole discretion to determine that there is no violation of the School’s rules and regulations, no harm, damage, or what would be regarded as an act of vandalism to the School’s assets or property, or violence to any person in the School, as an act committed by any student enrolled at Qosmo International School. 
  • There is full compliance with all the terms for Withdrawal Notice and Procedure as set out below. 

Withdrawal Notice and Procedure 

In the event that I wish to withdraw my child, I shall submit to Qosmo International School a written notice of NOT LESS THAN FOUR (4) MONTHS prior to the date of the intended withdrawal. 

In the event that such written notice is lesser than four (4) months, any/all Deposit(s) will be processed and refunded on a PRO-RATED BASIS with the following in mind:- 

Notice Period Percentage of Deposit Refundable 

4 Months or more 100% Refund 

3 Month notice 75% refund 

2 Months’ notice 50% Refund 

1 Month notice 25% Refund 

*Note: * Any notice period with length falling between those stated above will have the amount calculated based upon further prorating the amount by the number of days by which the notice period differs from the above bracket limits. 

Withdrawal notice shall only be made in writing and shall be by way of personal acknowledged delivery or via an official email to the Head of the School Office or to the CEO of Qosmo International School. Any withdrawal notice received by any other means shall not be considered as an official withdrawal notice and shall not be considered for the purposes of calculating the notice period given. 


  1. I hereby declare that all information provided in this application form is complete, accurate, and true to the best of my knowledge and I agree that Qosmo International School reserves the right to verify the same; and 
  2. I understand and agree that Qosmo International School reserves the right to vary or reverse any decision in respect of the registration in the event that the said information is found to be false, incorrect or incomplete; and 
  3. I hereby undertake and agree that in the event that Qosmo International School shall exercise its rights to deduct any/all of my unpaid fees and/or damages from any Deposit(s), I shall not have any claim whatsoever against the School; and
  4. I agree and acknowledge that the School reserves the right to alter, amend, change or modify the terms and conditions herein and I agree to abide to and comply with all the School’s policies, rules and regulations as stipulated in the Qosmo International School Student Handbook.