The Secondary Programme forms part of the Cambridge International Curriculum, which takes students from the primary stage through to university entrance level. At this level, they will also begin their checkpoint examinations in order to track their progress and demonstrate to their parents how they fare against the international standard as we prepare them to excel in their studies at that level.

The programme provides a solid continuation to more advanced levels for children coming in from their primary education and develops their knowledge and skills in Mathematics, English and Science as they prepare for their IGCSE Exams in their last year of study.

At Qosmo International School, our students will be able to follow a steady, paced and guided natural progression through the years leading to these exams so that they will be ready to submit their papers to Cambridge when the time comes. During the secondary years we will integrate another signature programme called the SOAR Programmes which will teach our students the same principles as in the primary RISE programmes at a higher level, but through more realistic simulations, activities, field trips, as well as contests.


We offer Cambridge IGCSE as well as A-levels in our secondary programs



For the Upper Secondary Program, we offer Cambridge advanced level of study. The A -Level Program forms the foundation needed to enter University and is delivered on a subject basis, depending on the academic path chosen by the student. This is a well-recognized qualification program among 165 countries worldwide and millions of students sit for the international exam every year.

IGCSE & O-Levels

At the end of the lower secondary, students will prepare for the IGCSE or O-Level exams. The exam papers are sent to Cambridge directly, along with papers from all around the world to be graded simultaneously. Our teachers constantly work with the students over the years to bring them up to the level where they are able to take their exams with confidence, by using the Cambridge methodology as well as our own test-taking techniques.

Cambridge Checkpoint Tests

Cambridge Checkpoint tests provide detailed feedback on students’ strengths and weaknesses, before they progress to post-14 qualifications such as Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International O - Levels. Cambridge Checkpoint tests are standardized, set and marked by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). They provide parents with an official report on their child’s progress, and propose to them different options in terms of their progression routes after the age of 14.

Qosmo Resume

At Qosmo, each student will be assigned a House that promotes teamwork as well as healthy competition among themselves and the leading House will be awarded a trophy. During the secondary years, our students will participate in our signature programme called the SOAR programme, which involves realistic simulations, activities, field trips, as well as contests. Students belonging to each House will participate in different contests and their performance reflected on their Qosmo resume, which is the end result of our RISE and SOAR programme experience. This will definitely provide them with an excellent start for their University applications as well as for their career after University.


Our secondary students will be able to distinguish themselves from their peers via guided preparation within the Cambridge IGCSE and A-level Programs


Subject Based

In the Secondary Program, students will have access to several subjects, giving them a bit more flexibility compared to the Primary Program, where they first begin to build their foundation. These courses will lead to subject matter that will be tested in their IGCSE Exams, with a new selection of subjects for A-Levels as well.

Strong Core

Our students will be nurtured to have a strong core in English, Mathematics, as well as the Sciences, as the basis for the entire Secondary Programme. Students will be guided and assessed throughout their time at Qosmo to ensure they have a strong foundation when attempting the Cambridge Exams.

Preparatory Exams

Students will be given the opportunity to carry out mock tests to gauge their performance for the IGCSE Exams. This will be done years prior the actual exam to ensure that they grasp the content and strategies needed to excel when they sit for the standard IGCSE exams.

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