No Streaming Policy

Qosmo will constantly assess each student and will not separate them based upon standardised performance on the curriculum. This is where our RISE and SOAR programme come into play. We have mixed classes and do not stream as research shows that this is bad for student learning, even the highest performers. Our students will only be separated from each other in each class in order to go to classes of specialty. They will be empowered and independent and their parents will not have to worry about the perception within the classroom.


Out of the Box Thinking

There are several answers to a question, some are black and white and some are grey. We allow for students to come up with their own perspectives as long as they can be justified when we review the answers to our submissions for homework. We want the students to develop critical thinking and to ask questions, for homework. We want the students to develop critical thinking and to ask questions, for this is the root of knowledge. As such, our classes have number of activities that stimulates the students into this out of box thinking.

Mind Mapping

In particular at the Secondary level, and to some degree in the upper Primary, students will be introduced to mind mapping. This methodology is excellent for their project management skills and will lead to a number of great learning strategies that the student will be able to develop individually, as guided by our teachers. The tools of a growing prodigy will be in their hands.

An Engaging Learning Culture

The approach our teachers encourage is to have a class which thrives on asking questions and engaging on open discussions. This is usually a good way to ensure that our students are constantly engaged and involved in each lesson as opposed to having a monotonous lecture where the students feel bored and must memorise the books for a night before the exam only to forget it later. So, we emphasize an engaging and inclusive that promotes real learning. This real learning will translate into knowledgeable and capable students.

'Education, The Way it Should Be'

Our motto pretty much speaks for itself. The majority of our teachers will mainly be internationals, who will be working with some great local teachers, who will undergo our own international training on teaching and enrichment methodology. This will give our students a more internationally cultured and accepting educational environment. Better equipped teachers will provide better education to our students to enable them to perform better on their tests, assignments and life in general.