This is my 20th year in education, most of which I have spent in Asia. In fact, I have been teaching in Malaysia for the past 10 years, where I have taught people of all ages, from as young as 5 to 65

Having first started as a school teacher before being elected principal, I worked my way up from the ground. During my time as a teacher in Korea, I realised that there were many differences in methodology compared to the various international schools I studied at in the United States and in Europe. This was even more apparent to me when I arrived in Malaysia to teach in an international school, all while pursuing my Ph.D.

In December 2012, I started UCSI International School for the owner from scratch. I became the Head of Operations there and at Sri UCSI School. Following that success, I was promoted to Special Assistant of the Chairman, who personally mentored me at Group level. I also had the opportunity to manage several companies in my role of the management of the Group. However, I felt that my work at the school was not yet finished. 

Determined to make my contribution, I spent several sleepless nights developing a new school system and methodology, backed by my own research and testing sessions. This grew into a burning passion and I continued searching for the method which I intended to use to change education for the better in Malaysia. With that in mind, I left UCSI Group. It gave me the freedom to create Qosmo International School and implement two features that would later become known as our trademark programmes; the RISE and SOAR programmes. I then joined my current partner, Diego Gestri, a well-traveled and experienced businessman, with the vision to make Qosmo International School a reality. 

We were licensed in April 2019 and set out to build a school that would redefine the way education should be done. Today, Qosmo International School has currently started its second successful term in the new academic calendar. During this time, we have received much praise and have even forged a new alliance with the ASEAN Chamber of Commerce, who wishes to promote Qosmo’s new methodology worldwide. Qosmo International School is truly just getting started in its first steps towards making, “Education, The Way It Should Be.”

~Brendan Lanza
CEO Qosmo International School