The school facilities at Qosmo International School is provided with care for the students to utilise for their comfort and convenience. With top facilities built to heighten students’ learning and develop their abilities on a broad spectrum, we ensure that all our students needs are met here.

Science Labs

We have science laboratories equipped with the latest devices and instruments to ensure our students get a practical understanding of the theories learned. Students can use these labs to experiment with their own ideas and explore to enhance understanding of the subject.

Tech Play

We understand that being technologically advanced is a boon and we encourage our students to be tech savvy and hence we encourage them to explore various technologies. Students will get the opportunity to use technology of various softwares, learn how to navigate the Internet, and socialise on online platforms.

Art & Drama

We have a talented art and drama faculty who use the well-equipped school facilities of the campus to ensure that they instil a love for creativity in our students. The art school is also supplied with art materials and crafts needed to get students’ creative juices flowing. They can use all kinds of tools from crayons, paintbrushes, drawing pencils, chalks, sketchboards and others to enhance their creative visualisation and expertise.


We provide transportation as part of our school facilities which covers the major areas in the vicinity of our school. Please contact us to know more about the routes.

Canteen & Cafe

Our school is equipped with a canteen and a cafe which serves delicious and nutritious food that are freshly prepared for our students. The canteen has a spacious outlook which is suitable for students to have their after-school discussions and interact with their peers during lunch. They can also conduct their individual or group study sessions at the cafe, which has a comfortable environment for students to relax.