Qosmo International School offers the Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum. We chose the Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum because it is the world’s most popular international qualification. It is recognised by leading universities and employers worldwide and is an international passport to progression and success. Developed over 30 years ago, it is tried, tested and trusted by schools worldwide.

The IGCSE offers a flexible and stimulating curriculum for schools that is supported with excellent resources and training. It has also been proven to help improve academic performance by developing skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving, making it the perfect springboard to advanced study. Many schools worldwide use Cambridge IGCSE as they find it to be an excellent syllabus in preparing for higher education. This is apparent in several universities in the UK that have widely accepted IGCSE as part of the portfolios of international applicants.

Cambridge Preschool
The early years are a very special time for children, as these are the years where their joy of learning and discovery is developed. A good foundation in these years will instill in them the positive attitude, basic foundation, and social skills necessary for their future self-development in their academic career. These years prepare them for their primary school learning which begins in Year 1.

Cambridge Primary
The aim of our Cambridge Primary programmes is to help our children to develop a range of knowledge and skills within our core subjects, providing a solid foundation upon which to build for later stages of education. The Cambridge system is a flexible system which allows us to employ various kinds of methodology of our own, to which we have added a number of childhood learning techniques across all levels of primary.

Cambridge Secondary
The Secondary Programme forms part of the Cambridge International Curriculum, which takes students from the primary stage through to university entrance level. At this level, they will also begin their checkpoint examinations in order to track their progress and demonstrate to their parents how they fare against the international standard as we prepare them to excel in their studies at that level. In our secondary program, we take a special journey with our students to prepare the young learners to take their IGCSE Exams.

More information on the curriculum for each year group, kindly download the QIS brochure from the Admission section of this website.Learn More

We believe that we are about to revolutionise the way teaching and learning is carried out. Education in many schools today has taken a turn for the worse because of a lack of practical understanding, by educators, of the fundamentals of education themselves, which leads to an inability to instil the understanding of practical learning in students.

Education is not only about teaching, it is also about learning. So, our teaching methodology is based on results geared learning and is student oriented, instead of teacher oriented. Qosmo will assess each student but will not separate them based on a standardised assessment of their performance in the curriculum.

Qosmo believes in having individual guidance, so each student will have a homeroom teacher as well as a mentor. Each mentor will be in charge of assisting each student assigned to them individually throughout the term, including making sure that everything is going well with their academics and collecting feedback from teachers.

Our motto pretty much speaks for itself. Education, the way it should be! The approach our teachers use is to have a class which thrives on asking questions and engaging on open discussions. This is usually a good way to ensure that our students are constantly engaged and involved in each lesson as opposed to having a monotonous lecture. So, we emphasize an engaging and inclusive way that promotes real learning.

This is where our RISE and SOAR programme come into play. Our signature RISE Programmes specifically developed for our primary students are designed to teach them how to practically apply what they learn in the classroom in their own lives. There are a number of important lessons intertwined with regular classes that employ simulations, moral teaching, teamwork, cognitive thinking as well as social responsibility.

During the secondary years, we will integrate the SOAR Programmes where students will be able to follow a steady paced and guided natural progression, which will teach our students the same principles as in the primary RISE programmes but at a higher level, through more realistic simulations, activities, field trips, as well as contests.

Students will be introduced to out of the box thinking and mind mapping. There are several answers to a question - some are black and white and some are grey. We allow for students to come up with their own perspectives as long as they can be justified. We want the students to develop critical thinking and to ask questions, for this is the root of knowledge. As such, our classes have a number of activities that stimulates the students into this out of box thinking. This methodology is excellent for their project management skills and will lead to a number of great learning strategies that the student will be able to develop individually as guided by our Teachers. The tools of a growing prodigy will be in their hands.

A wide range of after school activities are provided to cater for a variety of interests that are teachers-led clubs, for which there is no charge. Each term, parents are sent details of the CCAs being offered. Activities are held every Wednesday for approximately 1 hour after school. It is important to encourage our students to get after school activities and sports.

Here are a few examples of CCAs that have been offered in the past two terms (these are subject to changes each new term):

  • Board Games Club
  • Chess Club
  • Zumba
  • Yoga
  • Crossfit Training
  • Origami Club
  • Coding Club

QIS begins the academic year in September and ends in at the end of June and comprises of 3 terms:

  • 1st Term: Starts in September
  • 2nd Term: Starts in January
  • 3rd Term: Starts in April

QIS accepts students from ages 3 to 18. Parents need to complete the registration form and submit it online or to our school. Your child will be called in for an entry test conducted for admission of all levels from Year 1 to Year 10. Students will be tested on English and Mathematics. Placement into the respective year group is based on the result of the assessment test during the application process. Students who receive a lower than average score in the English test will be recommended for our ESL program.

Students can enroll any time and are required to undergo an assessment test to ensure appropriate class placement.

Preschool & KG: Monday to Fridays, 8am to 2.15pm (Daycare is daily until 7pm, with no extra charges)

Year 1 to Year 10: Monday to Thursday, Fridays, 8am to 12.45pm. For years 9 and 10 Fridays from 8am to 3.30pm

CCA: Wednesdays, 3.40pm to 4.40pm

QIS like to keep our classes focused and maintain smaller numbers to maximise on individual child’s learning and development. In general, a typical class size will not exceed 20.

Students must wear QIS’s school uniform which is available for purchase from the school. Our uniform is designed to be appropriate for Malaysian climate. They will need to wear simple black shoes (not provided by the school). The QIS PE uniform is also available for purchase from the school and will be required for any sports event including regular PE classes.

QIS will provide food at our canteen daily for breakfast and lunch. QIS offers monthly meal plans and the menus are updated and sent to parents every month.

QIS accepts local and international students. We offer education for students from a diverse range of nationalities from across the world.

All our teachers are required to have valid university degrees. At QIS our teachers undergo our numerous special training sessions to learn how to implement our methodology in order to be able to observe, teach, assess, and guide each student while also attending to their psychological needs and development. This process does not end, but is continuous, as the principal and the teacher trainer continue to monitor, observe and guide the teachers throughout each school year in order to ensure that the methodology is being used and that the desired results can be attained. At Qosmo, we believe in developing our staff in order to continue to improve and excel in everything we do, which will also help our students to do the same.

All lessons plans are designed by experienced and trained teachers with interactive teaching techniques that will help students to achieve course excellence. QIS teachers will ensure that the focus of the learning process comes to be instilled in the children, while making sure they have fun in a safe learning environment.

QIS uses Google Classrooms to enable the handling and recording of assignments in a structured and orderly manner. The platform even allows group work to be done online and hundreds of external applications to work simultaneously, which we have been using during the MCO Lockdown period. Via the online platform, you can monitor your child's performance and interact with teachers when deemed necessary. You can view test dates, locate homework assignments, and have access to teacher's notes and your child's performance online, anytime! Our students are also assigned an academic mentor who will be in regular communication with parents about the progress of their children throughout each term.

In addition, all announcements are communicated to all parents via email and parents can call our friendly front desk staff at any time during office hours to receive any information or help they require.

We do accept students with special needs and learning disabilities. However, we would need to access all applicants to ensure that we are able to effectively cater for their needs before they are accepted into QIS.

Yes, we do. For current information about visas applications, please contact our school office.

  • Parents must complete and submit the Application Form and pay the application fees of RM600.
  • Parents will have to provide the school with the child’s birth certificate, and report cards from the previous school, if any, along with all other documentation as listed in the application form.
  • Student Evaluation is completed and presented to the parents.
  • Qosmo then issues a letter to the parents indicating acceptance or rejection of the application.