Our team at Qosmo International School is fitted with a portfolio of years of experience, as they have been exposed to different teaching styles in several countries across the world and have familiarised themselves with various cultures. Thus, they aim to make it a safe space for students of all backgrounds to come together and learn in a vibrant and accepting environment.

Our team also emphasises on quality education through practical means, which combines the innovative use of technology to enhance the learning experience.


Brendan Lanza

Mr. Brendan Lanza has been a distinguished figure in the field of education for more than a decade, setting the right example for education that improves the actual quality of life of students. Being father to one boy and two girls, he aims to provide the same quality of education he would expect for his own. Being happily married to his wife of Korean heritage, they have travelled to numerous countries, and as a result gained a rich understanding of the different customs and cultures around the world. This has heavily influenced his practice both as a teacher and Head Teacher later on. Throughout his position in UCSI International School as the Principal and later on Head of Operations, Mr. Brendan has remained committed to his vision of providing children with a better future through useful and practical education.

our team - Brendan - CEO Qosmo International School
our team - Diego- Chairman Qosmo International School


Diego Gestri

Diego Gestri chairs the Board of Directors at Qosmo. He comes from a construction and development background and has previously taken parallel roles as IT Manager and Quality Manager with Tedeschia Construction Enterprises. He has studied in International Schools throughout his life, from Africa to Europe to the Middle East, as a result of which he speaks four languages fluently. He specializes in IT Technology and aims to create new solutions to help educate children with the new possibilities arising on the technological horizon. It is Mr. Diego’s personal aim to channel all his Quality Management experience into Qosmo to ensure that our schools perform on par with leading international standards.

Our Team


The Administration team at Qosmo International School is committed to ensuring a smooth and hassle free experience for all students, ensuring all paperwork, reminders and fees are updated accordingly, and on time.

Safety & Security

There is no compromising when it comes to safety & security of the school. A highly-capable and vetted security team has been set up to ensure student safety is given priority.

Teaching Force

The teachers at QIS come from a range of backgrounds with great passion and commitment to excellence. Our teachers believe in the school philosophy and their conduct reflects this very same ethos.