Student 21st Century Development


Social Media Knowledge

We conduct lessons where we teach important aspects such as data privacy, ethical and responsible use of social media to our students.


We conduct specific sessions where students learn how to be an entrepreneur. These lessons teach our students values such as determination and self-motivation.

Talk Global

We provide a global perspective of everything to our students which enable them to compete better in a global scenario.


An extension of our expressive writing sessions, we teach our students the dos and donts of blogging so that they are able to express themselves in front of the world.

Financial Prowess

Financial wisdom is an important part of growing up and we inculcate a financial discipline in our students. We teach our students how to be smart with their finances.

E-commerce savvy

We conduct specific sessions on all aspects of e-commerce from the customer side and the owner side which helps them to have a holistic perspective of the same.