Registration Page

Register today and enjoy a 15% discount for the September 2020 Term. Leave us your contact details and we will be in touch as soon as we can. A personalised school tour can be arranged as soon as school is resumed again.

Additional 5% (20% total) for 2nd child and 10% (25% total) for 3rd child in the family.

Please note that this is not a fully automated system. At this time this form will only assist parents in sending initial relevant details. Parents will still be required to send us complete documents for your child’s application such as identification documents, academic results, medical report, etc. We will contact you for the complete information and arrange for your child to take a placement test.

For non-Malaysian applicants, we will require details of your nationality, photocopies of your passport, passport size photographs, and medical health examination report for the student visa application once you receive the letter of offer from us

By submitting this form, you agree to the Qosmo terms and conditions and will initiate the registration process and an invoice will be emailed for the application and registration fee. You will be entitled to an Exclusive 15% Discount for April/May 2020 Term.

Please note that the discounted tuition fee and security deposit will only be invoiced once the student completes the assessment test, which will be conducted after the MCO period.