Academic Enrichment

Alongside academics, we emphasise equally on co-curricular activities. We believe that children can flourish only when they get the opportunity to develop all the aspects of their talent and passion. Co-curricular activities prepare students to live and work successfully. Our academic enrichment programme has been specifically designed to ensure that our students discover their passion and hone their skills. We offer a wide variety of choices for pursuing extra-curricular activities and encourage them to give their best in everything.

Reading Magic

Reading is the doorway to the imagination. Books improve students’ vocabulary, their communication skills, their language skills and gives their imagination wings. Reading helps students understand languages and develop fluency. Research has proved that reading has a specific effect on developing personality of a person. Children develop qualities such as empathy and openness. We strongly encourage our students to read. We have an extensive library to help students develop a habit of reading. Our curriculum includes book reading activities to inculcate a love for books among children.

Journals of Tomorrow

Keeping track and record of everything we do including the results or lack of it, helps students understand the relationship between the efforts being put into something and the outcomes. Class journals can be used in different ways — in creating methodology for projects, in recording of past events and activities, as well as in helping students jot down their thoughts and feelings. Hand-in-hand with other academic enrichment activities, parents will find that through journaling, their children will learn to express themselves better, speak more coherently and be concise in their thoughts about issues and incidents in their daily life.

Expressive Writing

Knowledge, kept to yourself is not sufficient. It is only through writing that it can be spread. The benefits of writing are far reaching. It helps someone to communicate with clarity and speak out their mind. It is important to know how to pour your heart out and that is what we teach our students. Like reading, we put a strong emphasis on writing too. Our curriculum involves specialised techniques which help our students express themselves through the pen. This involves regular classes, discussions and workshops which are aimed at training students how to write well during examinations and otherwise.

Value of Music

The benefits of music are far reaching. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, decreases pain and even boosts immunity. And these good effects apply to both performing music and listening to music. We want our students to value music and work relentlessly in instilling a love for music in them from the beginning itself. We offer various classes which students can take to learn music. Our dedicated music room is designed specifically to ensure students have fun while developing a passion for music.

Museums of Value

Values are as important as education itself and childhood is when the seeds of value are sown. In our school, we put a strong emphasis on developing moral values to ensure that our students grow up to be responsible citizens. Through our intensive curriculum and several co-curricular activities, we instil values such as appreciation, belief in others, care, commitment, courtesy, dedication, effort, friendship, gratitude and several other things in our students. All our efforts are directed at ensuring that our students become models that others want to emulate.

Using Nature

We are a product of nature. It is extremely important for each child to learn about every aspect of nature. Our purpose-built campus is designed to ensure students stay close to nature. From the preschool itself, students learn important and interesting aspects of nature which helps them appreciate how we are linked to nature and the need for us to coexist with nature. Our students grow up with an appreciation for the environment and learn to conserve the same. This is our way of giving back to the world to ensure the future generations enjoy a clean pure environment.